12 January 2015

New Year, New Country, New Workspace

And how to optimize your learning flow

I just moved to the Netherlands. I spent last weeks looking for a new place to live, moving my things from Frankfurt, painting the new appartment, doing some cleaning… and trying not to forget that it was Christmas to celebrate. It’s been a lot of work, I am glad that it is over now (yuju ☺) and I can show you my new workspace, from where I am writing to you now.

New Workspace 1

Learning Flow at Treehouse

Also I wanted to show you something that I discovered at the end of 2014, while doing some coding in the middle of the whole moving thing (keeping me alive in the down moments). It has to do with my way of learning at Treehouse. I guess that some of you are familiar with their workspaces, which help you go through their different courses. So find below a list of items that you will find on my desk. It took me some time to figure this out, so I really hope it gives you some inspiration:

  1. Laptop. I reserve the screen of my laptop to play around with the workspace of the corresponding chapter I am following: it is bigger than the tablet, so I can easily check things in the browser simultaneously. Most of the times, I create a new workspace based on the template of the current chapter (check note at the end of this article).

  2. Tablet. Here is where I watch the course making use of their app. The screen is big enough to follow new code implementations done by the teacher and at the same time, you can check it out on the laptop by yourself, see if it works for you and you got the new concepts right.

  3. Notes. I need to write things down and I need to color them: purple for variables, pink for functions, blue for objects, yellow for strings… It is just how my brain retains new ideas at its best.

  4. Color Markers. Once again, I color everything.

  5. Agenda. I like to have a small notebook on the side, where I list the different chapters of the course that I will tackle that day and check them out when done ✓ By following this method, I tend to finish more chapters than if I don’t have an agenda of the day.

  6. Water, lots of water. It keeps me focused.

  7. Candle. Since Sarah Parmenter talked about the soothing effects of working by candlelight, I like having one on my desk. It helps by calming my nerves, specially when debugging…

  8. Extra Company. I never thought that these guys from Mr. Wonderful would make me feel like not being alone anymore.

New Workspace 2

This last image was taken while following the course about AngularJS.

Happy New Year & Happy Learning! ♥

NOTE: I still need to figure out if there is a better way to store workspaces in Treehouse. At this very moment you can only have a huge list of workspaces from all the courses you followed. Please write me in the comments if you found a better way ;)

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