07 December 2018

Meet Zerus & Ona

A collection of adventures in a Binary World

At this moment I spend most of my free time writing and illustrating stories for kids (and their grown-ups) about computers, technology and programming. The first of the stories will be out in 2019 and this is the best way to get notified when the book is out. Subscribe now here and follow the process in Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

I hope...

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26 July 2016

Vim: Motions & Command Language

Learning how to move, jump and edit

This is the second post in the vim series. You might be interested in reading through my previous post before you continue reading (especially if you are a real beginner):

In this post we will dive into some subjects that you need to master when working with Vim. The very first one is motions, also known...

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18 July 2016

5 Tips to Survive Your First Week

That I learned while starting to use Vim

Some months ago I organized a workshop at Springest to share the basics of tmux and Vim with the rest of the team. I already wrote a post about tmux. And now it’s time to say something about Vim!

I will be splitting the content of the workshop into different posts, this being the first one where I will focus on how to survive your...

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22 March 2016

tmux configuration from scratch

How I use tmux to code smoother and faster

I started using vim together with tmux a couple of months ago. After surviving my first week, I organized a workshop to share what I learned with the rest of the team and convince the resistors to switch. :)

This post will focus on tmux, but stay tuned for a follow-up post about vim!

Basic setup

First things first, so what’s tmux? Well, taken from...

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16 June 2015

Exploring the Simple Form Gem

Building Forms in a Simple Way

During my first months at Springest, as a fast-learning junior developer, I will be diving into the workings and usage of popular gems and posting here my experiences with each of them once in a while. Simple Form is the gem of this week!

Forms are essential for user input in web applications. However, they can become tedious to write and maintain because of...

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19 May 2015

Learn to Code during Summer Break

Online Resources for Children

Hour of Code

My mother works as a teacher at an elementary school in Spain. Last week she asked me about some online resources where her 10 years-old students could learn to code during their summer break. I collected some of them, mostly recommended by my colleagues at work. Her students are Spanish and that’s why you will see information about which one is also offered in...

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04 April 2015

Rails Girls Utrecht

My first coaching experience

Rails Girls Utrecht

Last Saturday I joined Rails Girls Utrecht. It was my first experience coaching and I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot from the attendees and it was wonderful to see so many women interested in coding. Thank you @RailsGirls_UT for giving me this opportunity!

During the event I shared my story about how I landed a job in tech a couple...

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16 February 2015

Hangman Ruby

Playing around

Hangman Ruby

Some weeks ago I attended my first Coding Kata Meetup organised by RailsGirlsNL in Utrecht. We had a great evening, so you should definitely join next time!

The topic of the night was to go through the implementation of the game Hangman. I have been learning some Ruby since then and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to build the game on...

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04 February 2015

What About Ruby?

Diving into a new language

What About Ruby

For the past few weeks I have been playing around with Ruby, a totally new language for me. I thought that it would be a good idea to list the most important aspects and useful information that I am learning about it and share it with you:

Interpreted language. A program doesn’t need to be compiled previously into machine-language instructions.

Object-oriented language....

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12 January 2015

New Year, New Country, New Workspace

And how to optimize your learning flow

I just moved to the Netherlands. I spent last weeks looking for a new place to live, moving my things from Frankfurt, painting the new appartment, doing some cleaning… and trying not to forget that it was Christmas to celebrate. It’s been a lot of work, I am glad that it is over now (yuju ☺) and I can show you my new workspace, from where I am writing to...

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15 September 2014

Symfony Web Service Introduction

Symfony Web Service Part 1

Symfony Love Vagrant

This article is the first one in a series related to one of the last projects that I have been working on: a small web service for an iOS eLearning app. The corresponding eLearning app is structured in several modules, each of them containing specific content to be studied by the users. At the end of each module there is a test to be...

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01 September 2014

Vagrant Environment for Symfony Projects

How to work simultaneously on different projects locally on your computer?

Symfony Love Vagrant


When I first started to work with Symfony, it was important for me to create a smooth and quick way to set up a development environment every time I would like to start a new project.

Ramon Kleiss already built a box, which turned out to fit all my needs at first. It provides a virtual environment for Symfony2 development using...

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